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January 7, 2023 18:00 (UTC+08:00)
January 21, 2023 18:00 (UTC+08:00)
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100USDT = 4,000,000 RabbitRound
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ABOUT RabbitRound

RabbitRound Ecological "Metaverse"

In a parallel world where reality and reality coexist, RabbitRound, as the image of a citizen of the metaverse, will open a new world in the space of the metaverse and build a new civilization. All RabbitRound citizens will build a new home in the metaverse, a parallel existence with real life. The meta-time and space, 1:1 scene real creation!

This time, your world is up to you!

A fair, just, and open metaverse world!

Use your favorite RabbitRound digital identity NFT to redefine your identity and role, and build your new home in the metaverse. At the same time, you can get RabbitRound rewards. You can make friends and trade just like in real life, and create your own incredible future!

  • 1. Copy pre-sale address
  • 2. Open the tokenpocket wallet
  • 3. Transfer 100USDT
  • 4. Receive Your NFTs

Token Distribution

Token Distribution Model



Enter V God wallet address VITALIK.ETH, thank him for his contribution to the blockchain business



IDO Recruits RabbitRound Global Super Evangelists

Initial Pot


With an extreme deflation model, each RabbitRound has the right to issue community governance tokens and community-specific NFTs.

Market Value Management


Speculators invest in RabbitRound tokens for profit, and investors invest in RabbitRound tokens as a way of wealth accumulation. RabbitRound enables the community not only to make profits, but also to establish stable passive income and stable demand for tokens, so that RabbitRound tokens can be maintained Some people get lifelong wealth.

RabbitRound Metaverse


The RabbitRound ecological metaverse is a metaverse virtual space parallel to real life. RabbitRound is the only citizen of the metaverse, and they have many identities just like real life.

Destruction and Dividends


100 million pieces are generated every day, of which 20.23 million pieces are automatically destroyed through smart contracts every day, and 79.77 million pieces are distributed according to the LP weight added by the global super consensus on PancakeSwap.


Rabbit Round NFT items

RabbitRound Metaverse Citizen NFT

NFT Image
NFT Image
NFT Image
NFT Image
NFT Image
NFT Image

Team Member

Meet the Crew

Team Image

Harry Abraham


He used to be a well-known blockchain software development engineer, responsible for the cross-platform transplantation of mining algorithms and software development management for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and ETH. Harry Abraham has accumulated rich industrial experience in virtual digital currency wallet and virtual digital exchange technical architecture.

Team Image

Anne Haiwk

Co Founder

Research focuses on big data parallel computing and distributed algorithm optimization, and has extensive research experience in blockchain, cryptography, and data mining. Anne Haiwk will provide in-depth algorithm support for the project at the core mathematical model of blockchain, core algorithm of artificial intelligence, and parallel computing of big data.

Team Image

Asiff Hirji


Born to a German family in Washington, D.C., USA. Received a BA in Economics from Harvard University. In 1995, he received an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. Joined Microsoft in 2001 and later served as Vice President of Network Sales. In March 2008, joined Google in a key operational position.

Team Image

Anderson Leo


Proficient in the principles and implementation of mainstream blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and HyperLedger, and has a deep understanding and rich practice of blockchain consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, cross-chain technology, side-chain technology, and privacy protection.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

RabbitRound NFT will be the only citizen identity in this metaverse. Players who participate in the construction of new homes in RabbitRound metaverse first need to obtain RabbitRound’s NFT digital identity. RabbitRound citizens have many identities. Here, you can re-customize in metaverse your identity!
The RabbitRound metaverse aims to create a fair, just and open metaverse world for countless brave dreamers!
The pre-sale limit is 100 USDT, and the USDT will be transferred directly to the pre-sale address, and 4,000,000 RabbitRound will be sent to the transfer address after verification. Do not remit USDT from the exchange to the contract address. You must use a decentralized wallet such as TokenPocket to transfer USDT to the pre-sale contract address.
January 7, 2023 18:00 (UTC+08:00) Remember to participate!
All RabbitRound citizens will build a new home in the metaverse, a metatime and space that exists parallel to real life, and the 1:1 scene is truly created! For example: building houses, farms, hotels, shopping malls, amusement parks, museums... you can be an artist,you can be an entrepreneur,you can be a pilot,you can be a farmer,you can go boxer,you can be an investor,you can be an educator,you can be a realtor...

You can follow us in the following ways:

Official website: https://rabbitround.org/

Twitter: @RabbitRoundtop

Telegram: https://t.me/rabbitroundvip

QQ group: 720439248

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